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September 2012

A message from the Prez ...


Welcome to the 2012-2013 year of PMSA! Thanks to all who voted and made it possible for me to be President of this group. Many thanks to Mike Regan who commuted from Oregon to make the last 3 years happen for us. He will be assuming the role of past president as well as Secretary this year, Jamie Henderson will fill the chair of VP and Lori Stephens will continue to fill the Treasurer role. Thank you…thank you…thank you to them for their selfless donation of time and effort to keep the group going. Many thanks to Steve Haas, our fearless membership/newsletter/ and general communication with the masses guy. And more thanks to our own Social media maven, Colleen Nakagawa, for tirelessly maintaining our website for many years, and our friends at Manage Inc for hosting our website at no charge. And last but not least….thanks to IBM and Mark Ruberry for all his support and help.

As we put the kids back on the bus to school, we need to remember that we too need to continue our educational pursuits and maintain our network connections. With the most popular and best attended seminars being those that have focused around security and security issues, we decided to start our fall kick off with a guest speaker who is the founder and owner of Townsend Security. We have asked Patrick Townsend to come speak on a security topic, as well as join us in conversation and lunch. The topic for the day will be using automated data encryption….and how much easier that is with V7r1. How many shops out there are using the automated data encryption feature? Are you still looking at it or using it, thinking about eliminating the expense of encryption hardware, or have been using it but would like to look now at going to the next level, of learning what is coming next? Be sure to bring your security folks and their questions for Patrick. In case you aren’t familiar with them, Townsend Security is a company that specializes in data encryption, key management, managed file transfer, and system logging solutions. Patrick is an award winning speaker and regularly presents on data security topics. He contributes to standards development at organizations like OASIS and PCI SSC.

See the Meetings page for more information on the speaker and the topic.

The board is looking forward to this year. We are (ok..finally) embracing change with a new format for our meetings and newsletter. We will no longer be meeting monthly in the typical luncheon format as we acknowledge that it is difficult to get to the needed technical level for real educational value in a couple hours. We will be looking at longer seminars, but will also provide members with access to webinars and online training to better fit your shop’s niche needs from the convenience of your office or home. We hope to better communicate IBM announcements and of course we are still affiliated with COMMON so as a member of PMSA you can still attend with the deep discount. We also are encouraging folks to provide us with their stories of success or rough patches they’ve experienced for the benefit of others heading down the same path.

As always, I can’t emphasize enough the need for members to volunteer. Please invest in this group with a little of your time. We have openings for volunteers on the programs committee and even an hour as a greeter at the next meeting would be appreciated (and a great way to meet folks).

See you Thursday at Kent Centerpoint!
Lark Schwartz
PMSA President


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